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Magical Hippie Tea Cup Candle - Love + Romance Spell

Magical Hippie Tea Cup Candle - Love + Romance Spell

There is a whole lotta love in this vintage tea cup spell candle. Made with the intention of either attracting love and romance or maintaining the magic of love in your life.

Disclaimer: I make every item with powerful, peaceful and positive intentions; however I cannot guarantee metaphysical effects described above. The purpose of this item is to increase your intention, use your inner magic to manifest what it is you desire. Therefore, I will not accept refunds if the desired effect isn’t met. 

*This candle can be used as a decor piece (the spell/intentions are just as powerful unlit) or if you choose to burn this candle, do so in a fire safe container and never leave unattended. Remove any items in the way of the flame; you will find crystals, charms, magical tiny treasures and flowers, yours to keep!

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