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Magical Hippie Tea Cup Candle - PositiviTEA Spell

Magical Hippie Tea Cup Candle - PositiviTEA Spell

Topped with an abundance of yellow crystals, herbs, flowers and charms to attract joy and positivity in your life! Also protects you from negativity in any form to maintain that joy in your life!

Disclaimer: I make every item with powerful, peaceful and positive intentions; however I cannot guarantee metaphysical effects described above. The purpose of this item is to increase your intention, use your inner magic to manifest what it is you desire. Therefore, I will not accept refunds if the desired effect isn’t met. 

*This candle can be used as a decor piece (the spell/intentions are just as powerful unlit) or if you choose to burn this candle, do so in a fire safe container and never leave unattended. Remove any items in the way of the flame; you will find crystals, charms, magical tiny treasures and flowers, yours to keep!

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