Join us for some Fun & Creativity with our instore classes,

Now that we are settled in our new location, we are set up to offer workshops again!

DROP IN workshops - we have these set up for Fridays right now - but more days are coming as we get into a routine.  Pop in & pick a project to paint!  These will range from basic stenciled signs to "3D" wood based projects.  These classes will be partially self guided as we are also handling the storefront but we're here if you get stuck on a step!

PAINT NIGHTS - these will be for our handpainted projects.  These range from porch leaners to fun seasonal signs.  These will be scheduled for specific dates. We CAN arrange to do these in an afternoon class also if we arrange it ahead of time.   Pre-registration is required for these workshops.

SIGN NIGHT WORKSHOPS - these will be scheduled workshops - you can select from any of our projects we have listed online or create a custom item - there will be a product listing for the customs within the Creative Workshop section.  Pre-registration is required for these workshops.

All our class dates & drop in times are listed on our FB page under the events section!

CLICK HERE to see our event listing on Facebook.